(Pictured left to right: Chris St. George, Jessica St. George, Chuck and Selene Melanson)

Chuck Wicks made one young lady’s dream come true following his performance for the MADD benefit over the weekend at the iconic Mohegan Sun. While preparing for his portion of the show, the event’s organizers realized they had nothing from Chuck for the associated silent auction. With friends in town and money in his pocket, the country star offered to auction off the opportunity for the winning bidder to share an evening of Blackjack with him, plus $50 to spend at the table.

However, the winner, who bid $500, bought the prize for their 15-year-old daughter. Since gambling was out of the question for the minor, Chuck changed his plans and instead took the family to dinner after the show.

Jessica St. George, the birthday girl, said, “This is the best birthday present I could have ever gotten. I am Chuck Wick’s biggest fan and getting to spend all this time with him has been amazing. He even ordered his favorite things off the menu for me to try. My family and I will never forget this.”

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