Actor, musician and author Trace Adkins has joined the supernatural thriller “The Healer,” also starring Isabelle Fuhrman, Joel Courtney, James Le Gros, Peter Bogdanovich and Natalia Dyer, currently filming in North Carolina.

Written and directed by Giorgio Serafini, “The Healer” tells the story of teenage twins Nick and Michelle who embark on a camping trip with their father. A family outing to repair old emotional wounds turns into a perilous adventure as they become lost in a forest from which there seems no escape. “The Healer” is a poignant, spooky, timeless story of a family’s fierce bonds and enduring resilience.

Adkins plays The Truck Driver, a transporter of souls destined to hell. His huge rig is a prison for eternity from which there is no escape.

“The Healer” marks Pedersoli and Serafini’s third collaboration.  Pedersoli and Serafini’s dramatic thriller “Johnny’s Gone” will premiere at the upcoming Hollywood Film Festival, and Johnson and Pedersoli recently wrapped the family drama “Eye of the Hurricane,” directed by Jesse Wolfe starring Campbell Scott and Melanie Lynskey.