Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic; David Lewis Taylor

Miranda Lambert opened up her purse for US Weekly and shared what she carries in her faux-snakeskin Kenneth Cole purse.  “I carry a lot of crap,” says Lambert. In addition to the aviators she stole from a friend, “about 20 pink lip glosses”, Midol and whatever else husband Blake Shelton tosses in, Miranda shares a few other items she carries around.

1. Packets of Crystal Light. “I’ll order Bacardi and water at a bar, add it, and make my own cocktail,” she says.

2. Hand sanitizer “because I shake hands with so many strangers.”

3. A collection of earrings “like Forever 21 cheap-y skulls and hoops to dress up my outfit in a pinch.”

4. A Fujifilm camera — with extra batteries. “It’s hard to keep up with charging when you’re always on the road,” she admits.

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