Photo via: Country Countdown USA

Kenny Chesney was a guest on Lon Helton’s Country Countdown this past weekend, September 17th & 18th.  During this time, Helton discussed an array of topics with Chesney including a new album!

Lon Helton: I hear you have something blockbuster planned for 2012?

Kenny Chesney: You may be right! I may be crazy.

Lon Helton: Will you have a new album in 2012?

Kenny Chesney: Not sure.  Depends on this fall, and how far we get.  There’s gonna be an album at some point.  I’ve got a few songs I really love and fit me.  For me, I gotta find songs that push me and push the audience, but still be true to who I am.  That’s a fine line for me, and do something I haven’t done before.  So I’ve got all that in mind when I do that.

Also discussed during their time together was the SuperBowl.  Lon Helton asked the country superstar, who has an extreme passion for the sport, if he has been contacted yet to perform for the SuperBowl Event. 

“That’s come up a time or two, and I’m not gonna say I wouldn’t do it, but I’m not gonna do it in a place they think country music should be.  Like last year, the Super Bowl was in Dallas, so we’re gonna have a country artist, and I’m like I’m sorry, but I’m not gonna be that cliche about it.  So who knows.  One day, maybe, maybe not.  But it’s not something I have to do, but I’d like to do it.”

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