Keith Urban is gearing up to launch is men’s fragrance, Phoenix, and it is scheduled to hit stores in October.  Don’t worry ladies, Keith has not forgotten about you as he is already planning on launching a women’s fragrance. “I think we’ve got a really good one,” he told USA Today

The new fragrance for women will not be available until sometime next year and he is not ready to release the name of the new fragrance quite yet.  “I can’t tell you. It’s too early,” he said.

Urban has been testing out his new fragrance Phoenix on his Get Closer World Tour.  He meets with about 80 – 100 fans each night and sounds like he is getting a great response to his new product.  “The first few nights I started wearing [it], people were leaning in, saying, ‘Is that your cologne? Let me have one more sniff,'” he laughed. “They would lean in very close . . . Remind me to never do an underwear line!”  To read the full story, please click HERE.

Phoenix available for pre-order HERE and will be available in stores next month.

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