Danny Gokey makes a welcome return to the Grand Ole Opry this Saturday, September 10th, and like so many performers before him, Danny says that — nerves notwithstanding — there’s nothing quite like playing the Opry. 

“There’s always nerves — you know, from the first time when I was super nervous, my nerves don’t operate like that anymore when I go there, but there’s still the nerves there because it’s such a sacred stage. So many historical, legendary people and events have taken place there, and you just gotta honor the stage, but, oh, man, I like it. I think the crowd responds really well, and it’s really great.”

Gokey is always honored to play on the Grand Ole Opry. “It is very validating when they invite me back. It is very, like…it just makes you feel good about yourself, and they’ve done it so many times: invite me back. And I just think, ‘Man, what a great honor.’ You know, you feel like you’ve accomplished something as a country singer because that is the place. That is, like, the historical place for country music. I love it.”

If you’re in Nashville or are available to make the trip on Saturday, come see Danny at the Opry! For upcoming artist schedules, as well as ticket information and much more, visit Opry.com

Danny is out with new music! Be sure to check out his latest single, “Second Hand Heart,” available at your favorite digital music outlet, as well as on DannyGokey.com!


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