Photo via Chuck Wicks Facebook Page

Last week Blair Garner, host of After MidNite tweeted the following question: “Who has the BEST music that DOESN’T get played enough on the radio?” And Chuck Wicks fans answered.

Before the country star knew what was happening, his fans blew up the After Midnite page, enlisting the help of friends for a Tweet-athon, and consequently turning on thousands of new fans to Chuck’s music and gaining Garner’s attention.  Blair connected with Chuck via phone to discuss the event which resulted in an invitation for the country star to drop by the After MidNite studio to perform a new song he’d just written called “Whole Damn Thing.”  When Blair teased on Twitter that he might be playing the song on his show – Wicks’ fans crashed the After MidNite website in an effort to hear both the interview and the song during the live stream of the show.  

“My fans and street teams are awesome” Wicks said.  “They started this without me even knowing!  They get the word out … Everyone should have fans like mine!” 

Be sure to follow  Chuck Wicks on Twitter:  @chuckwicksmusic / @chuckwickspr and Blair Garner on Twitter:  @blairgarner.

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  1. i saw chuck wick to night in jacksville tx and he rock the house got to spend some time with him after concert and he is really one sweet and awsome guy. Cant ait till you come back to see us again Chuck May next time ill be able to get a Cd and a Shirt You PUT ON ONE HELL OF A SHOW

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