True to the old pop hit, “I Got the Music in Me,” “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night” singer Casey James says that music is something that’s so much a part of him, it’s just in his DNA — and he’ll trace it right back to some very early tunes, courtesy of his dad.

“My dad sang to me before I was born, so it was something that was always in my blood, in my heart, and then growin’ up, I was always singin’ around the house, singin’ with my mom, singin’ church hymns and singin’ gospel songs and then singin’ Christmas songs at Christmas. And really, I guess, about 13 or 14 — maybe even 15, I’m not sure — somewhere around there, I started playin’ guitar, and it was just my intention to be able to play and sing. And then, of course, it took off from there.”

Casey’s currently on the radio with his debut single, “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night,” available at your favorite online music store, including iTunes by clicking HERE.

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  1. I had to dig around for this but your article made me think of it. This excerpt is from an interview with Casey by Shari Geller about a year ago, and it fits with this one so nicely! (Hope Shari doesn’t mind.
    “I can start all the way back to when I was a kid. I remember I think my Nana had a record, I’m not sure which record it was, but it was Ricky Skaggs. And there’s this song called, well I don’t know the name of it but it’s walking in Jerusalem just like John, was the catch phrase, the big line of the song, and it was just this really musical, cool little guitar riff intro, and then after that happens, the band comes in and it’s really musical. The music’s great and the lyrics are great. I would start that record over and over and over and over when I was like four or five years old. My family’s a very musical family so music’s always been a part of my life. And then I listened to everything … and when I say everything I mean like big band singers, jazz, blues, country, old school country, bluegrass, hard rock, classic rock, oldies, punk, rock, rap, heavy metal, old school blues, new blues, everything. I listened to everything.”

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