Joe Nichols (l) and video director Potsy Ponciroli

When Joe Nichols recently took over part of downtown Nashville for a video shoot, it certainly wasn’t the ‘business as usual’ scene for the brief case wielding, coat and tie bunch who frequent that area. In fact, down town workers saw bikini clad women, a tiki bar and a swimming pool that miraculously appeared out of nowhere, as well as the sexy singer encouraging everyone to “Take It Off.”

The Top 30 and climbing song is Nichols lead single from his forthcoming new studio album, set for release this November. While the song’s title may suggest a certain theme, according to Nichols, it’s much more than the obvious.

“Yeah, the title does make it sound like a ‘Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off “ kind of song,” Nichols laughs. “But titles can be deceiving. ‘Tequila’ was a playful song, and so is this one. Basically the song’s lyrics are encouraging you to take off that heavy responsibility, those cares and woes, and enjoy life. And that’s the idea we wanted to present with the video. I am encouraging these hard working people to lighten up and take it easy, if only for an afternoon.”

To do that, the video crew set up a large swimming pool as well as a tiki bar in downtown Nashville and enlisted the aid of a dozen plus “business men and women.” “It was a pretty warm summer day when we shot, so I don’t think it was too hard for them to step out of those business suits, and into their bathing suits,” Nichols says.

The video was directed by Potsy Ponciroli with TackleBox Films, and will begin airing this week on CMT, GAC and other music video outlets. Show Dog – Universal Music will release Nichols’ CD in November. Meanwhile, music fans can catch the artist as he continues his 2011 North American tour. To check out tour dates and all the latest information, please visit