Kevin Fowler is back with his 6th studio album Chippin’ Away which is set for release on Tuesday, August 9th.  Chippin’ Away includes current hit single “Hell Yeah I Like Beer” as well as 10 additional tracks that you are sure to enjoy just like CountryMusicRocks did.

Fowler once again brings his personality to life in his music, especially in songs such as his new single “Hell Yeah I Like Beer”, “Beer Money”, and “Knocked Up” – which a Live version is included on this album.  Fowler’s forthcoming single “That Girl” kicks things off and serves as a great introduction to the new album.  The tune has a great hook that listeners will sure to be singing along to.  Kevin also exposes a softer & vulnerable side on a couple of tracks including “Do That With You Gone” and touching song “Daddies and Daughters”, which Kevin presents beautifully.  With lyrics such as “when she looks up at him like he’s superman, she’s got him in the palm of her hand” and “Tough as leather can turn to velvet when she smiles”, the tender ballad is sure to resonate with many.  “Here’s To Me And You” is another standout track as he raises his glass to “the girls all prettied up”, “the boys trying to pick ’em up” and “to everybody keepin’ it country”, the song is an anthem of sorts with its reality based lyrics and catchy tune.   Album titled track “Chippin’ Away” is a fun, upbeat song about a guy trying to get “the girl” as he continues to chip away little by little to win her heart.

Kevin does a great job keepin’ it country on Chippin’ Away as he sings about family, love, heartache & beer.  His personality shines through on track after track giving listeners a album to enjoy from start to finish. 

Chippin’ Away is available on Tuesday, August 9th at your favorite retail stores and also on by clicking HERE.  Be sure to keep up to date with Fowler by visiting his official website www.Kevin