Ty Stone Releases Debut Single “American Style” To Country Radio

Atlantic Records’ powerhouse singer Ty Stone is motoring onto the music scene with the release of his debut single “American Style” to country radio Monday, July 11. The song is currently available at all digital retailers and is the title track for the Detroit native’s Top Dog/Atlantic Records debut, which was executive produced by close pal Kid Rock.
Written by Stone and Marlon Young, “American Style,” is an overtly autobiographical song, which riffs on actual family as well as the extended one that makes up the American community.
“It’s the true story of exactly what was going on,” candidly shares Stone. “I feel like I’m telling the story of my father sometimes, because he was that steel mill worker at a plant that shut it’s doors for good one morning. He’s 62 years old now, still working at Chrysler, even after they took him away from being a machine repairman and put him back on the motor line at 60.”
This country rocker is already garnering critical acclaim. Rolling Stone writes, “Ty Stone, a rotund and bespectacled blue-eyed soul-rocker and laid-off steel worker from Detroit’s Downriver suburbs with vocal pipes for miles, a masterful high register, and a big silver belt buckle…” Chicago Sun-Times says, “Armed with rock-hard vocals and a down-to-earth attitude, Stone is on the verge of bursting out of the shadow of some of his more well-known Detroit friends.”
Stone had the opportunity to bring “American Style” nationwide as Kid Rock took him out as an opening act on two arena tours, the latest of which was last spring. He will be hitting the road again this summer.

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