Neil Perry Of The Band Perry Celebrates His 21st Birthday

Pictured here, TBP in a relaxed moment aboard their bus with their band, crew and songwriter Jeff Cohen.

With tons of accolades coming their way lately, The Band Perry celebrated a particularly special milestone this weekend – youngest brother Neil’s 21st birthday! With the family currently opening up Tim McGraw’s Emotional Traffic Tour, it truly was a big and sweet celebration.

Big sister Kimberly created quite the cupcake display and visiting songwriter Jeff Cohen, who is writing with TBP in anticipation of their second album, contributed a box of cupcakes as well. Mr. McGraw himself even had a cake delivered to the young vocalist/mandolin player.

The greatest thrill came that night when, as he has done throughout the tour, Tim McGraw invited TBP out to duet on his song, “Can’t Be Really Gone.” While on stage, Neil was serenaded with “Happy Birthday” by the entire arena.

Of the day, Neil himself had this to say with a laugh, “I’ve never been ‘forced’ to eat so many cakes in a day. It was one to remember. And I’m legal!”

Happy Birthday Neil!!

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  1. Haha neil is cute:) I LUV them all!!! They are awesome. I wish i could meet them in person. They seem really nice!!!:).

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