Luke Bryan Gives His Microphone Stand Away To A Fan During His Concert

seen artists toss guitar picks and towels and water bottles into the
crowd. Luke Bryan gave away a microphone stand Wednesday night (July 20)
in the middle of a one-hour show for the Samsung AT&T Summer Krush
2011 concert series.

Luke performed a high-energy, 12-song set
at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville—and in all his running back and
forth across the stage, he smashed into his mic stand a couple of
times. So at show’s end, he picked up the stand and handed it to a fan
and said, “You can have the piece of crap mic stand. Here, take it home
with you.” The fan gave it back to the crew when Luke went to change
for a few do-overs. But Luke got a Sharpie, autographed the mic stand
and gave it back to the fan.

The other cool part of the night:
Luke also did a mash-up of his breakout hit, “All My Friends Say,” and
Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.” Luke hesitated just for a second, given the
decades-long history of traditional country music played at the Opry.
Then he muttered, “I’m sorry, Bill Monroe,” and plunged in, thrilling
the 3,500-person crowd.

A snippet of the show will end up on Jimmy Kimmel Live!