Josh Kelley Shares 25 Things You Don’t Know About Him

Josh Kelley is having quite a busy summer as he is currently on the road with Miranda Lambert and gearing up to hit the road with Taylor Swift later this summer.  Kelley has also released his new single “Gone Like That” which follows up hit single “Georgia Clay” . Recently US Weekly caught up with Josh and he shared 25 unique things that you probably don’t know about him!  

1. I like to gamble while playing Uno with my band.
2. I would love to have a Ping-Pong table on tour.
3. I love to fly-fish and tie my own flies.
4. At 15, I was in a band called Inside Blue with my brother Charles from Lady Antebellum.
5. I was in a high school jazz band with Dave Haywood, who’s also in Lady Antebellum.
6. I make the best fried green tomatoes ever!
7. I am one of seven kids, ranging from 39 to 16.
8. I got to work as a ball boy on the driving range of the Masters Golf Tournament when I was 17.
9. My favorite meal is meat loaf with creamed corn, buttered noodles and pecan pie.
10. My favorite cocktail is whiskey and Oogave ginger ale.
11. I can’t leave the house unless every drawer is shut.
12. When I was a kid, I wanted to be president.
13. My wife [Katherine Heigl] and I adopted our daughter [Naleigh, 2] from South Korea.
14. I’m convinced Naleigh’s 60, pretending to be a toddler; she’s so wise!
15. I got held back in first grade.
16. I was the first person to get a record deal by spamming people on Napster.
17. Piano was my first instrument.
18. I went to Ole Miss on a golf scholarship.
19. My middle name is Bishop.
20. I love music.
21. I like wearing calves on my buddy’s Utah farm.
22. I’ve flown almost 50,000 miles this year!
23. I love to snowshoe.
24. My wife and I found our dog, Oscar, in a trash can in Mexico.
25. I love to paint the crazy things I dream about.
You can see the article from US Weekly HERE and be sure to keep up to date with Josh by visiting his official website,