CountryMusicRocks Interview With Chris Young

We got the chance to catch up with Chris Young about his 3rd studio album release NEON which is set to hit the shelves on Tuesday, July 12th.  See what Chris told us about his new album, his favorite track, how he plans to celebrate its release & much more!!! Chris is really excited about this release and so are we!! Be sure to pick up a copy at your favorite retail store on Tuesday, July 12th or download your copy from iTunes by clicking HERE.

One reply on “CountryMusicRocks Interview With Chris Young”

  1. What a great interview. Chris is so personable and I could listen to him talk all day! I love this CD. I am so blown away that it sold almost 73,000 units in the first week. 615,000 digital downloads now for "Tomorrow". This is all so exciting. If you haven't gotten the CD yet go and get it. Every song is good enough to be released as a single. It is Awesome!

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