CountryMusicRocks Album Review: Randy Montana

Randy Montana is gearing up to release his debut self-titled album, on Tuesday, July 26th. The new release features 11 fresh tracks, 9 of which the talented singer/songwriter co-wrote.

Randy serves up a new sound to country music that is Fresh, Memorable & Appealing. His current single “1,000 Faces” has already spoken volumes as do the remaining songs on this album. Randy rocks it on the upbeat tracks such as “It’s Gone” and “It Ain’t Hit Me Yet”, while he presents a softer side on ballads such as “Like A Cowboy” and “Back of My Heart”. “Burn These Matches” is another notable track with a strong message, as is “Last Horse” which includes vocals from country music icon Emmy Lou Harris. The blend of their voices is absolutely perfect as together they present a song about a love that is fading away, a time when you don’t want to be the last one standing.

While he is the son of widely popular, award-winning songwriter Billy Montana, who also co-wrote 4 of the songs on this album, Randy is also making the “Montana” name well known in his own way. This may be a debut album, however, Randy presents himself as well as his music in a very seasoned manner. This album is definitely one of the Top Debut Albums for 2011. Keep your eyes peeled and ears tuned as Randy Montana is leaving his distinct mark on country music and this is just the beginning.

Be sure to pick up a copy of Randy Montana’s self-titled debut album on Tuesday, July 26th at your favorite retail store, or you can order on iTunes now by clicking HERE.  This is an album that you will enjoy from start to finish and then all over again.  

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