CountryMusicRocks Album Review: Eric Church ‘CHIEF’

When it comes to country music that rocks, Eric Church without a doubt defines that concept.  With his third studio album, CHIEF, set for release on July 26th, Eric once again rocks country music like no other.  Church takes this album to a whole new level where his hard work is evident and sure to be recognized. 

Eric Church named the album CHIEF after his grandfather’s nickname and has also become known as the Chief while out on the road.  Of the album and it’s name Church says, “When it’s show time, I put on the sunglasses and the hat, and that’s how people know it’s game time. This album was made from a live place; we recorded it with the live show in mind, so it just seemed right to make that the title”.   

CHIEF is comprised of 11 refreshing tracks, 10 of which Church co-wrote. The songs are strong and presented with passion & energy.  “Creepin” kicks the album off and with it’s unique arrangement & delivery, it is a captivating song that serves as a great introduction for what is to come on the album.  “Drink In My Hand” is certain to become an anthem for many, especially with lines like “no need to complicate it, I’m a simple man, All you gotta do is put a drink in my hand.”  Church presents his softer side on “Like Jesus Does” as he sings about a guy who is a “backrow sinner at a tent revival” but she still loves him “like Jesus does”.  “Homeboy” is the first single release from CHIEF and is consistently rising on the charts.  The song tells a compelling story of one pleading with his brother to turn away from the troubled life on the streets and go back home.  “Country Music Jesus” is a clever track that is full of character & personality about needing a “Jesus” of Country Music to come & save us.  The song is inovative & dynamic as it captures 4 major elements of music: Country, Rock, Soul & Gospel. 

Church’s unmistakable voice as well as his delivery is a testament to the music he is creating. If you’ve seen Eric Church live in concert then you are well aware that he is passionate & expressive about his music, not just certain songs but all of them. The new album represents Church’s concert style as his passion for each song is apparent. CHIEF is an album of quality and will be a force to be reckoned with as CountryMusicRocks considers it one of the Top Album Releases for 2011. Be sure to pick up a copy of CHIEF on Tuesday, July 26th at your favorite retail store or on iTunes by clicking HERE. Pre-order packages are also available on Church’s official website.

Eric is currently out on the Locked & Loaded Tour with Toby Keith. For all things Church and to see if he is coming to an area near you, be sure to visit his official site

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