CountryMusicRocks Album Review: The Dirt Drifters ‘This Is My Blood’

The Dirt Drifters are digitally releasing their debut album This Is My Blood on Tuesday, July 19th. The band is comprised of 5 talented musicians – lead singer/guitarist Matt Fleener, vocalist/guitarist Ryan Fleener, vocalist/guitarist Jeff Middleton, bassist Jeremy Little and drummer Nick Diamond – and they certainly know how to make some great country music. This Is My Blood houses 11 solid tracks that listeners are sure to enjoy.

Each song on the album stands out on its own with a unique sound that is presented with passion, soul and energy. “Something Better” is a song many can relate to at some point during the work week as we are all “waitin’ on that rainbow, where’s that pot of gold”. “Always A Reason” is the second single that was just recently released to country radio. With lyrics that include “sometimes your up, sometimes your down, life is going your way or it just ain’t fair, there’s always a reason to drink around here”, the song is sure to serve as an anthem that many will find a reason to raise their glass. “Just Got Tonight” is an upbeat song about living in the moment, while title track “This Is My Blood” is a simple song that holds a powerful meaning and will resonate long after the song is over.

This Is My Blood serves a great introduction to The Dirt Drifters. The band sings about working hard and it is more than evident that they just did that on their debut album. They are a band that definitely knows how to keep it country and keep it real.

Be sure to download a copy of This Is My Blood from iTunes by clicking HERE. Keep up to date with the band by visiting their official website,

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