Brantley Gilbert Sees His Fans As Friends

When Brantley Gilbert is up on stage and he looks out into the crowd, what he sees are his friends, and not his fans.  He says he doesn’t think of them as fans because they fulfill the three roles that he thinks friends are supposed to play in your life.  

“I believe a friend is somebody that supports you, number one, and number two, somebody that knows you, and number three, somebody that’s gonna push you.”  And the way Brantley sees it, “If somebody’s gonna pay 10, 15, 20 dollars for a ticket, there’s your support… if they listen to the two albums we’ve got out right now, they know me, and number three, pushing me is the more they come to shows they’re keeping me rolling.  It’s motivation, it’s drive, it’s everything.”

Gilbert recently rocked a sold-out show giving his “friends” an amazing performance, check out our review HERE.

Brantley’s hit song “Country Must Be Country Wide” has been rockin’ the country charts and is available on iTunes now by clicking HERE.