Tiffany Returns To Her Roots With Country Debut Single “Feel The Music”

Selling more than 15 million albums worldwide with hits like “I Think We’re Alone Now,” “Could’ve Been” and “All This Time,” Tiffany has returned to her roots with her country debut album, Rose Tattoo. Her first single from the new album, “Feel The Music,” has been shipped to radio this week and is going for adds.

“Feel the Music,” co-written by Tiffany, Julie Forester and Dee Briggs, is a tribute to the power of song, (I wanna groove up on the melody and feel the beat inside of me/ and be the only star in the crowd/ I wanna feel the music all around.) Taste of Country’s Billy Duke reviewed the debut single saying, “…her performance is three minutes of a genuine good time. Tiffany quickly makes it clear she’s not just dabbling in the genre — she’s here to make an impression.”

Tiffany introduces herself to a new audience while showing longtime fans a side of her they may have never seen—and she’s just getting started. “I’m not going backwards,” she says. “I feel like I’ve really come into my own. This is my sound. This feels good, it feels like my home now.”

Tiffany may have taken the long route into the country genre but she has come full circle. Exploring opportunities as they arose: there were two critically acclaimed singer-songwriter albums, 2000’s The Color of Silence and 2007’s Just Me; a successful stint on the TV reality competition Hit Me Baby One More Time; and an acting career in projects like the recent tongue-in-cheek monster flick Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid (co-starring fellow ‘80s teen icon Debbie Gibson). Perhaps most significant was her foray into dance music, which yielded three hits on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Songs chart. But as pressure grew to build on her rapidly growing reputation as a dance diva, Tiffany remained determined to follow her heart to Nashville. “It was fun,” she says, “but that’s not my life.”

Tiffany is currently on tour this summer performing songs from new country debut album, Rose Tattoo. She also will be appearing in select dates with Debbie Gibson as a celebration of 80’s music. “Everyone knows “I Think We’re Alone Now” and I’m grateful for that, but now I’m excited for everyone to feel the new music.”

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