Steve Holy Celebrates His Climbing Hit Single With His Fans At CMA Music Festival

Steve Holy is in Nashville this week celebrating another CMA Music Festival and another hit single with his fans.  Steve’s latest single “Love Don’t Run” off of his much anticipated third album due out later this year has just reached the top 30 on both the Music Row and Billboard charts and continues to climb.    

Along with the success of “Love Don’t Run,” Steve will be participating in several CMA Music Festival events this year including the following:

Wednesday, June 8 – Steve’s participating in CMA Music Festival Kick-off Parade starting at 11:00 am in downtown Nashville.
Thursday, June 9 – Steve will be signing autographs in the Chevy Booth at 10:00 am in the Convention Center.
Friday, June 10 – Steve, along with fellow artist Mark Cooke, will be co-hosting a free Double Fan Club Party complete with BBQ and a performance.  The party is from 4-6pm at CVR (Label and Management) located at 713 18th Ave. S., Nashville, TN 37203.
Saturday, June 11 – Steve’s performing once again at the Riverstage  at 11:30 am followed by another autograph signing at the GAC Booth at 3:00 pm in the Convention Center.
For more on Steve Holy, please visit his official website