Rascal Flatts New Single “Easy” Featuring Natasha Bedingfield Impacts Country Radio 6/27

Rascal Flatts took over Nashville’s Schermmerhorn Symphony Hall last Monday night to shoot the video for their new single, “Easy,” a duet with British pop star, Natasha Bedingfield (“Unwritten”). Lead singer Gary LeVox and Natasha play former lovers who run into each other at a glamorous event. “It’s like an awards show that we’re showing up at, and they’ve obviously just broken up,” explains The Flatts’ Jay DeMarcus. “They’re both heartbroken, but they’re trying to put on their face to the world that it’s not bothering them. So, they glance at each other a couple of times across the room, and Joe Don and I are there for moral support, you know, to be there to pat him on the back and say, “She’s not yours anymore, buddy.” Gary says while their previous video for “Why Wait” was a knockoff of the popular film, The Hangover, the new clip “is kind of a knock off of Cinderella”.

“Easy is maybe my favorite track we’ve done in a long time, just primarily because it’s a duet and it’s got Natasha Bedingfield on it, and I think [to Gary LeVox] you guys sound amazing on it,” says Rascal Flatts‘ Joe Don Rooney.   “I remember recording it in Nashville and just really feeling good about the track when it went down, like, “Man, I think we really have something here.” And you guys being in the studio together singing at the same time really brought that song to a whole other level for the album.” 
Gary LeVox says “It’s a great song and one of our favorites, and of course, Natasha sings her head off, so it was great to have her talent on there with us.”

“Natasha brought her voice to the table. You know, we were such a huge fan of her vocals, and she’s an amazing, amazing singer,” notes Rascal Flatts’ Gary LeVox. “We really wanted to have a great singer on this thing and make it an event. And she came in, I mean her heart is just as big as her voice is, so she’s a great person as well. She was a big fan of ours with “Broken Road” and everything, and we’ve always been a fan of hers and thought she’d be great for it. And we called her up and she obliged and came in. We had a great time tracking it and recording it, and it came out wonderful.”

“Easy” officially impacts country radio on June 27th.  Be sure to call your favorite country radio station and request this new song.

The guys are currently in rehearsals prepping to hit the road on their Flatts Fest summer tour, which kicks off June 18th in Bristow, Va.  To see if they are coming to an area near you, please visit their official website www.RascalFlatts.com.