Justin Moore & Wife Are Expecting A New Baby

Justin Moore’s family is growing by another two feet!!!  Moore’s record label confirmed that  Justin and his wife Kate are excited to announce that they are expecting their second child!  The couple welcomed daughter Ella Kole into the world in February 2010. 

When Justin Moore became a father last year, he began understanding what it was going to take to be a good parent to daughter Ella Kole. “I was like, “Alright, it’s time to grow up.” You learn real quick when you have kids — and I know other people out there listening to this know what I’m talking about — if you have kids you realize really quick that you really don’t matter, especially as much as you thought you did. All that matters is them,” says Justin. “It’s important to me, and always has been, that I be a good parent and I be a good role model for them. I have the perfect mom and dad. They raised me in church and they’ve been married for 30 years, and I want to make them proud. I want to make my wife proud.” The Arkansas native respects and admires his father, and he hopes Ella feels the same about him in 20 years.  “He’s a perfect role model for what you’re supposed to be as a husband, as a dad, as a leader of the family, a son, and I’m proud to call him Dad.” 

Justin is getting ready to release his new album, Outlaws Like Me, on June 21st.