Jason Aldean & Ludacris To Rock The CMT Music Awards With Performance Of “Dirt Road Anthem”

The CMT Music Awards is sure to rock tonight!  From the opening performance featuring Shania Twain and Taylor Swift to the last performance of the evening which is said to be Jason Aldean performing a remix of “Dirt Road Anthem”.  Aldean will close out the show with his current hit single and will have a little help on stage as US Weekly is reporting that rapper Ludacris be a part of this performance.

“I’ve been a fan of Luda’s for a long time, so it’s really cool to get to work with him on the remix of ‘Dirt Road’ and then perform it together on the CMT Music Awards,” Aldean, 34, told Us Weekly.
“He absolutely killed his verse of the song,” the country star added. “And we’re both Georgia boys, so even though our music is totally different, our roots are the same. We both know about hot Georgia summers and cooling off with a six pack of two. It wasn’t that much of a stretch.”

Be sure to tune-in tonight to the CMT Music Awards Live on CMT and CMT.com starting at 8:00 pm EST.