CountryMusicRocks Album Review: Ronnie Dunn

Ronnie Dunn is far from done when it comes to making great country music as his debut solo album hit the shelves on Tuesday, June 7th!  Dunn wrote/co-wrote 9 out of the 12 tracks on his new release, giving fans a cd full of great music while making his mark as a solo artist.

It’s always a difficult trek for any artist when making their album debut, however, for Dunn it’s a double-edged sword.  Ronnie Dunn has been well known as the other half of Brooks & Dunn for the past twenty years, so when coming out with a solo album it could go either way as there is that comparison factor.  For Dunn, it went the right way as he delivers a solid debut solo album where he re-introduces himself – only this time as a solo artist.  His rich, seasoned & familiar vocals settle in nicely giving listeners the ability to really hear his new music without the addition of having to get to know the artist’s voice.  Dunn made an impact in country music with his first solo single “Bleed Red” and he kept the momentum going throughout this entire new album.

Ronnie stays true to his country roots on this album, showcasing his honky-tonk side on songs such as “Singer In A Cowboy Band” & “Let The Cowboy Rock” and then switching gears to a more vulnerable side on songs “Your Kind Of Love”, “Last Love I’m Tryin'” & “I Can’t Help Myself”.  Dunn even sprinkles in a little Tex-Mex with “How Far To Waco”.  “Cost Of Livin'” is the next single heading to country radio on June 13th.  This soft, heartfelt tune tells a compelling story of a man trying to get a job, any job doing anything, so that he can provide for his family as the cost of living continues to go up.  

Ronnie Dunn’s debut solo album is definitely one to have in your collection.  It is now available in stores everywhere or you can purchase from iTunes by clicking HERE.

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