CMR Concert Review: Craig Morgan

Craig Morgan is back with brand new music and his new single “Good Ole Boy” officially kicks off the first day of summer as it heads to country radio on June 21st.  

We got the opportunity to catch a Craig Morgan show which is full of energy.  As soon as Morgan walks on the stage and starts with “Bonfire” the crowd is completely engaged as he continues on with hit after hit.  Morgan also premiered some of his new music that the audience loved and will be looking forward to on his upcoming album.  For 90+ minutes, Craig displays fantastic stage presence as well as great interaction with his fans as he performed hit songs such as “That’s What I Love About Sundays”, “That’s Why”, “This Ain’t Nothing”, “Redneck Yacht Club” and many more before closing out with “International Harvester”.  He entertains from the moment he walks on stage until then very end where he got off the stage to walk by the fans standing up front and giving them each high-five’s.  I love seeing little things like that.  If you have the opportunity to catch Craig Morgan in concert, Do It!! 
Also, be sure to tune-in this Sunday, June 25, as Morgan is set to begin the second season of his Outdoor Channel series: “Craig Morgan All Access Outoors”.  

Remember to start requesting “Good Ole Boy” at your favorite country radio station starting June 21st!
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