The Band Perry Tour Devastated Areas Of Their Hometown In Greeneville, TN

PHOTO CREDIT: Kohl Threlkeld, Anthem Pictures
Greeneville’s own Kimberly, Neil and Reid Perry (The Band Perry) joined both the Greene County Chapter of the Red Cross and the Greene County Disaster Relief/Donation Center to assist in relief efforts, offer solace to those who have been hardest hit and express gratitude for the first responders and community volunteers for their round-the-clock efforts.
The break-through country band, on the Republic Nashville label, is a family trio who call Greeneville, TN home. Their current touring schedule on Tim McGraw’s Emotional Traffic Tour has allowed them little time to return home since the storms devastated so many in the Greeneville area. That fact has weighed heavily on their minds over the past weeks.
“Nothing is more important to us than family, community and service to others,” said Kimberly Perry. “We have been anxious to visit our neighbors and help as much as we can. We hope that we helped to raise awareness of the needs in the area and we’re very happy that we could publicly thank and acknowledge the tireless efforts of all the local disaster relief workers.”
The Greene County Red Cross has undertaken a non-stop schedule of providing needed items to those affected. In Tennessee, since April 27, the Red Cross has served almost 40,000 meals; and more than 26,200 snacks; and delivered about 1500 comfort kits. Additionally, over 5,000 meals have been served by the staff at The Oaks Retreat center over the last week. On Monday The Band Perry joined the Red Cross in these distribution efforts.
The Band Perry next traveled to The Greene County Disaster Relief/Donation Center/Command Center, on the campus of the Free Will Baptist Family Ministries. This location has served as the official site for the disaster relief center in the Camp Creek Community. While there, Kimberly, Neil and Reid spoke to the media with their thoughts on the day and the urgency of the continued need for help. They highlighted what goods and services are currently needed (listed below).
Due to the massive destruction from the F3 Tornado that hit the area, Free Will Baptist Family Ministries and many emergency responders, volunteers, supporters, and rescue units answered the call in the community by providing shelter, food and water to those in need after the massive storm.  Family Ministries plans to continue its efforts in helping friends, family, and neighbors in the surrounding communities during this time of need.
FWBF MINISTRIES has an ongoing need for the following items:
·       Gatorade, vitamin water
·       Easy to open canned foods
·       Cleaning supplies – mops, buckets, brooms, dust pans, disinfectant cleaner, baking soda
·       Building supplies – hammers, nails, tacks, saws, screwdrivers,
·       Rakes, Shovels, wheel barrels, flashlights, batteries, candles,
·       Small appliances – small microwaves, small coffee pots
·       Animal food
·       Towels, disposable Wipes
·       Paper goods (paper plates, plastic eating utensils, paper towels, toilet paper)
·       Trash bags, zip lock bags, sandwich bags
·       Totes
**Badly needed monetary donations made payable to Greene County Disaster Relief, mail to FWBFM 90 Stanley Lane, Greeneville TN  37743
PHOTO CREDIT: Kohl Threlkeld, Anthem Pictures

PHOTO CREDIT: Kohl Threlkeld, Anthem Pictures