Darryl Worley Continues To Honor Our Nation’s “Unsung Heroes”

Platinum-selling hit singer-songwriter Darryl Worley is once again doing his part in honoring our country and the military fighting for our freedom by offering a new tune, “Unsung Heroes,” available for digital download.
Worley is donating $1.00 from every download through his website of “Unsung Heroes” to the U.S. Army Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Command (FMWRC), a charity formed to benefit the families of the men and women serving overseas, as well as 9/11 Families for a Secure America Foundation (www.911fsafoundation.org). The song, which honors the often overlooked family members of U.S. troops, is also available for a free download for those serving in the military, past to present.  
“Let’s not forget that many of our brave soldiers and their families are still sacrificing every day to bring freedom to people in various places in the Middle East,” Worley says. “Now more than ever, they need our support and encouragement. The military folks make a difference every day, for which they have our respect and admiration. Now it’s our turn – the civilians – to help make a difference in their lives.”
“Unsung Heroes,” which Worley wrote, pays tribute to the men and women serving overseas. In 2003, Worley released his smash hit, “Have You Forgotten,” that was also in honor of the fallen American citizens and soldiers after the devastating 9/11 terrorist attack. The song spent an astonishing seven weeks at No. 1, and received numerous award nominations and accolades. Still to this day, “Have You Forgotten” remains one of country radio’s most-played songs and the biggest hit of Worley’s career.
Worley broke into the country music scene over a decade ago and has since charted 19 singles, including three self-penned No. 1 hits: “I Miss My Friend,” “Awful Beautiful Life,” and of course, “Have You Forgotten.” With seven studio albums released throughout his career, Worley has sold more than 2 million records worldwide and has reached both gold and platinum certification.
For more information on Darryl Worley or to purchase “Unsung Heroes,” visit his website at www.darrylworley.com