CountryMusicRocks CD Review: John Rich “Rich Rocks” & “For The Kids”

John Rich is back with brand new music available TODAY!!  Rich Rocks contains 6 rockin tracks from John Rich and also features Kid Rock, Lil John, Cowboy Troy and Hank Williams, Jr.

If your lookin’ for an upbeat cd full of country rockin’ music, then look no further, John Rich has just what you need.  Right from the start with his 2010 hitsingle “Country Done Come To Town” kicking things off, Rich rocks his entire 6-pack while still keeping the country sound that we all want to hear.   You will be bobbing your head and tapping your foot to each of his songs.  Rich even sends a message about drinking & driving with “Let Somebody Else Drive” featuring Hank Williams, Jr.
Pick up Rich Rocks at your favorite retail store, or purchase on iTunes by clicking HERE

Also available today is another new album from John Rich entitled For The Kids.  This is another side of John Rich where he exposes his sensitive side as he sings about children, “the heroes of our lives”.  This 6-pack is uplifting, passionate and moving.  Whether your a parent or not, this cd will touch your heart.

For The Kids is available everywhere, or you can purchase on iTunes by clicking HERE.

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