CountryMusicRocks Album Review: Brad Paisley’s ‘This Is Country Music’

Brad Paisley’s highly anticipated new album This Is Country Music is exactly that, Country Music.  It’s not just a single on the appropriately titled album, but it is who Brad Paisley represents as a singer, a songwriter and a musician.   

This Is Country Music houses 15 songs, 12 of which Paisley co-wrote.  His seasoned vocals once again sound fresh & solid as he delivers an album that is fulfilling to the country music soul. 

Each song on the album brings its own unique story to the table with a compelling delivery.  Paisley pays tribute to icons of country music and includes icons as a tribute on his album.   

A few of the standout tracks on this new album, in addition to his current hit singles “This Is Country Music” & “Old Alabama”, are: “A Man Don’t Have to Die” which demonstrats the challenges of life that leaves you vulnerable where you feel like your in hell. “Remind Me”, a powerful duet featuring Carrie Underwood, where once again the dynamic chemistry is identified between these two talented artists as they sing about being reminded of the love they once had.  And “Love Her Like She’s Leaving” featuring Don Henley, and the brilliant blend of their voices as they sing about embracing love completely & entirely while not letting it slip away – not even just a little.  Make no mistake their are several other standout tracks on this album including ones that showcase Brad’s good-nature and light heartedness that we all know & love, as well as his captivating guitar solos leaving you wondering if there are any strings left on his guitars when he is finished.   

This is Country Music serves as a trifecta for the genre giving fans a strong sense of emotion, passion and reality.  The album delivers a simple, yet impactful testimony to country music.  A wise man once sang, This is Country Music, and we do…

This Is Country Music is available now everywhere.  Visit your local retailer and pick up a copy, order from Amazon by clicking HERE,or download on iTunes by clicking HERE.  

Brad is gearing up to embark on his H20 World Tour: Wetter & Wilder kicking things off in Virgina Beach on June 3rd.  To see if he is coming to an area near you, please visit his official website