Carter’s Chord New Release “Wild Together” Available Tuesday

The release of Wild Together on May 24th will mark a milestone for group Carter’s Chord.  The new six-song EP from Show Dog-Universal Music showcases the growth of sisters Becky, Emily and Joanna Robertson not only as recording artists, but also as songwriters. All of the songs on the collection were co-written by the sisters.

“We’ve been given the opportunity to take our time on this release,” Becky explains.  “We have spent the last couple of years focusing on our songwriting, and finding out who we really are musically.”
According to Joanna, “We’ve always been surrounded by music, thanks to our parents (Carter and Barny Robertson recorded and toured with Waylon Jennings throughout the artist’s legendary career). We started performing and writing at an early age and learning piano and guitar.  In fact, we’re still picking up new instruments and giving them a try. I’m now learning accordion and Becky is becoming really proficient on mandolin.”
Emily adds that the major focus on writing with each other and outside writers helped the group define its sound. “These last couple of years have been an intense study in who we want to be as artists, the kind of statements we want to make.  What people will find on this EP is music that is fun, and hopefully at times thought provoking. There’s definitely a female viewpoint on a few of the songs. But I think they all have a definitive sound now.”
Critics appear to agree.  Early reviews on Wild Together are solid, singling out the tight sibling harmonies and skilled songwriting as Carter’s Chord trademarks.
“The sisterly trio of Carter’s Chord refreshes country’s great tradition of family harmony with a modern sensibility, effortless chemistry and a knack for bringing listeners into the heart of a song.” — Chris Neal, Senior Editor, M Music & Musicians
“Immaculate, seductive harmonies wedded to subtly engaging soundscapes. Thumbs up to Carter’s Chord.” — Tom Roland, editor of the Billboard Country Update and founder of
“The title track starts off the album and immediately showcases Carter’s Chord’s fantastic blend of family harmony and their strong songwriting with a radio-ready tune…     With Wild Together, Carter’s Chord has grown into an even stronger band… this trio of sisters will become one of country music’s biggest groups.  They’re not a cookie cutter act and have a look that screams ‘star’ while their music just keeps getting better and better.” —  Matt Bjorke, Roughstock
“It’s clear Carter’s Chord have finally found a sound that doesn’t get lost in a crowd of female artists on county radio.” – Billy Dukes, Taste of Country
Wild Together was co-produced by Toby Keith and Mark Wright and will be available in stores and online May 24th.  
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