Ashton Shepherd Shares “I’m Just A Woman” In Honor Of Mother’s Day

MCA Nashville singer/songwriter Ashton Shepherd gives a sneak peak of her upcoming album, Where Country Grows, by sharing this acoustic performance of “I’m Just a Woman” in honor of Mother’s Day.

“I’m Just a Woman” focuses on the challenges and unique perspective of females. Some have already said that it is reminiscent of Tammy Wynette’s “Stand By Your Man,” but with a modern feel and a powerful exploration of the female point of view. Shepherd is a working mother – she has a son, James, who is five and is due with her second child in September.
“I wrote that one by myself,” Shepherd says. “I opened my diary, and I got to an entry where I was writing about feeling kind of bad, empty and sad. Right after that, I’d written, ‘Well, I guess I’m just being a woman.’ When I read that, I underlined it.
“The song doesn’t bash the man,” she says. “It’s kind of saying, ‘Buddy, I understand you pretty much 99 percent of the time. I need you to understand me, too, sometimes because I know I can be hard to deal with. I need you to work with me, here, because I feel like I work with you.’ I think it gives women a lot of credit. I think about our mommas, and it makes me get chill bumps. Because I feel like I’ve written an anthem for them.”
Where Country Grows will be released July 12. Its debut single, the sassy “Look It Up,” is currently a Top 20 hit and rising.