Justin Moore Gets In Touch With His Redneck Side On Forthcoming Album “Outlaws Like Me”

Justin Moore is gearing up to release his sophomore album from the Valory Music Co. In addition to his current hit single, “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away,” the fan-favorite “Redneck Side,” will also be featured on the forthcoming album, Outlaws Like Me
Justin has been performing the tune during his live shows for the past few years, and it showcases the singer’s sense of humor, as well. “It’s one of those  songs, a real fun song to do, and kind of tongue-in-cheek, not exactly like, but in the same vein as “Back That Thing Up,‟ where it’s a little bit humorous in some points of the song,” describes the Arkansas native. “And I’m a kind of a goofball, and I like to add a little bit of that flair to our albums.” 

Outlaws Like Me is expected to arrive in stores June 21st.