Josh Kelley To Appear On Ellen & Talks About His Upcoming Touring Season

MCA Nashville singer/songwriter Josh Kelley will appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday, April 7, as part of the launch of his debut country album Georgia Clay, which is earning rave reviews.

“It is gratifying,” he says of the album’s great reception.”It is great to finally see three years of hard work and passion paying off.”
Georgia Clay, which was released on March 22, is his most autobiographical album to date.  He wrote or co-wrote all 11 songs, which reflect upon the defining moments of his life, including his Southern upbringing, marriage to actress Katherine Heigl and fatherhood.  
He is eager to perform the title track and the album’s first hit, “Georgia Clay,” for Ellen DeGeneres because he’s a fan of the show.  “I love watching Ellen,” he says. “She has such a fun show and her audience always has a great time. I am really looking forward to playing on Ellen, but I’m also really looking forward to having a new dance partner.”
Josh is included in People Country’s feature of “Country’s Hottest Guys” and is the focus of a five-page story in Country Weekly. He’s been interviewed recently by E! News, CNN, Fox and other national media outlets.
The New York Times says, He sings with an easy, unself-conscious Southern accent, and his songs, often written with collaborators, address the issues you’d expect: family, courtship and self-doubt, with a faint flicker of vice.   “In one sense, Mr. Kelley invites a mention of Brad Paisley, another clean-cut figure whose best work radiates chivalry rather than debauchery,” The New York Times says. “In a very different sense he calls to mind Keith Urban, another singer to have won Nashville over from the outside, with a very public private life. Not that either comparison does him any favors, or much justice.”
The Tennessean named him as one of 11 artists to watch in 2011, noting “Josh Kelley has a lot of people interested in what he has to say in 2011.” 
The debut single, “Georgia Clay,” is at No. 16 and rising on the country singles charts. “Radio has made a huge difference in my crowds,” says Josh, who is also known for hits such as “Amazing” and “Only You.” 
“Country radio is the big difference,” he says.  “I’ve been putting out records a lot, but having a hit at radio and the support from radio is what really takes your music to the next level.” “People’s favorite songs have been ‘Gone Like That’ and ‘Naleigh Moon.’ They’re starting to pull their lighters and cell phones out for ‘Naleigh Moon,’” he says of the song that he wrote about his daughter. “That is a good feeling. I’ve never had people hold up lighters before!”
He recently unveiled his new mobile device app, which contains his latest news, music, photos, touring and other information and is free to download. “I have to check my own app all the time just to see where I’m going!” he jokes.  That app includes information on his own shows as well as shows with headliner Miranda Lambert and Eric Church. 
“Being on Miranda’s tour feels like being a part of a really awesome huge family,” he says. “It’s very comfortable, very creative and it’s very entertaining.  We have been writing a lot of songs together. We do it after the show in her Airstream. She has a traveling bar, so we do it in the traveling bar.”
In August and September, he will join Taylor Swift’s Speak Now World Tour for 13 dates on the West Coast and in Canada. “I asked my wife if I should shave my beard for that tour and she said, ‘No just be yourself. That is probably why she wants you to be on tour with her anyway.’”
Josh says he has become almost obsessed with touring and his family joins him on the road whenever possible. “When I went independent in 2006, I discovered my true passion for playing my music live,” he says. “It’s like a drug. It’s the best drug ever; it is even better than Charlie Sheen! So as we say, I’ll be touring almost non-stop for the rest of the year.
“Country music is what I love and I want to be a part of country music until I can’t sing or write anymore.”
Keep up to date with Josh Kelley by visiting his official website and follow him on Twitter @JoshBKelley.