Dierks Bentley & Miss Willie Brown Prank It Out

In a bold move, A&M/Octone Records’ new country duo Miss Willie Brown was the first to pull a prank on the JAGERMEISTER COUNTRY TOUR FEATURING DIERKS BENTLEY this past weekend.  The duo, comprised of Kasey Buckley and Amanda Watkins, gave Dierks’ beloved CJ-7 Jeep a little makeover.   There are incoming but unconfirmed reports that a Bentley retaliation is expected and could possibly be devastating for the only two females on the tour.

“Before he gets us real bad, we thought we’d get one in and then go running for the hills,”
laughs Buckley.

“I think that the decision to be the first to prank the Bentley team is kind of winning.  We like to be number 1 and since we started it, no matter what, we win!” adds Watkins.

“The girls approached me to see if I wanted to start an alliance with them,”
said tourmate Josh Thompson.  “I told them ‘Hell, no!’  They are on their own for this one.”

Based on Dierks tweet last night, it looks like Dierks retaliated! @DierksBentley tweeted: so we stuffed 480 beers into every spot, zipper, and as seen here, toilet on @misswilliebrown bus. prank or gift?!  

@MissWillieBrown replied to Dierks Prank with a tweet:  both….we keep tripping over beers everywhere but we’re so drunk on beer that we can’t feel it, thanks @DierksBentley xoxoxo