Miranda Lambert Covers Cowboys & Indians And Reveals Wedding Date

Miranda Lambert graces the magazine cover of the April 2011 issues of Cowboys & Indians.  In the featured cover story & interview, Lambert talks about the farm, her career, her new hobby and reveals the date for her upcoming wedding to Blake Shelton!
C&I: Many of those songs have helped you connect with a large female fan base.
Lambert: That’s true. I think I have a really strong female fan base because I sing about empowerment of women. Not in an against-men kind of way, but just about being strong in who you are as a woman. And I think that’s good because my mom taught me confidence growing up. You know: “Be confident — you can do anything you want to do.” And not every girl’s mom tells her that. And so I try to have that message, for young girls especially. And for women who maybe have been abused in some way and didn’t have the guts to leave — maybe they’ll get the message that they can do it, and that they are worth something. I just love singing about that. Because that’s how I feel — I’m a very confident person.
C&I: Worst. Gig. Ever . …
Lambert: I once played a train car — an old train car that they’d turned into a bar. That sounds cool, but it wasn’t. It was a place somewhere outside of Dallas. The thing about this place was, the stage was built about three or four steps down from the train car, so all you could see from the bar was, like, my chest up. My dad played guitar, and I had a backup singer with me. There were about five people in the bar, and every one of them wound up bloody in the parking lot by the end of the show. It was the most ghetto-redneck thing I’d ever seen. I think there was one full set of teeth amongst all the people there. And, you know, I’m redneck, too. But all I could think of was, What the hell have we stepped into?
C&I: What do you enjoy doing on a typical day off when you’re not writing, recording, or performing?
Lambert: Well, if it’s pretty, I’ll be outside most of the time. I love to fish, I love to hunt, I love to ride my horses, piddle around on my farm, go backroading with Blake. We kind of get depressed some days when we’ve got to be stuck inside. That’s when we actually get productive. It’s like, Well, I guess we’ll clean out the cabinets or something. Because, really, we’re both outdoors people.
And I’ve been learning how to barrel race — it’s kind of my new hobby. I’ve already done one range rodeo where I did barrels, but I didn’t do that great. But that’s kind of what my new dream is. I used to sing at rodeos all the time, and I thought, Yeah, I want to be one of those girls who ride in with their hair flying behind them.
Also revealed in the featured article is the wedding date for Shelton & Lambert.  It has been reported for some time now that the wedding will take place in May and indeed it will.  Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton will wed on May 14th.  

See more of the article & interview featured in Cowboys & Indians HERE and be sure to pick up your copy of this issue available on newsstands NOW.