Justin Moore’s New Single “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away” Hits Home On A Personal Level

While Justin Moore’s latest single, “If Heaven Wasn‟t So Far Away,” honors those who have died, it includes a specific line paying tribute to grandfathers — “If heaven wasn’t so far away/I’d pack up the kids and go for the day/introduce them to their grandpa/watch them laugh at the way he talked.” 

When the singer first heard the song, which he didn’t write, he connected with it on a deeply personal level. In November 2009, Justin lost his beloved grandfather, Tom “PawPaw” Moore, late in 2009, due to complications from cancer. The Arkansas native was very close to his grandfather, a retired Navy man, who taught young Justin how to hunt and fish, and even had him in a deer stand when he was just two years old. He says the song is sort of a replacement for not releasing probably his favorite song he‟s ever written – “Grandpa,” which was included on his self-titled debut album. 

“Everybody knows, or a lot of people know, obviously, what went on in my personal life last year, and that I wanted to put out “Grandpa” as a single that was on my first album, but we never got to it,” says Justin. “When I heard [“If Heaven Was-n‟t So Far Away”], I said, Well, this has to be the first single and kind of fill that void.”

The current single is the first release from his upcoming album, due out later this year.