Toby Keith Releases Favorite Song To Country Radio “Somewhere Else”

When Toby Keith released his chart-topping Bullets In The Gun album last year, it was immediately recognized as the most diverse of his career and, perhaps, his strongest songwriting effort. This week, Keith’s Show Dog-Universal Music label is releasing to radio the song he regards as the collection’s strongest – “Somewhere Else.”
“My favorite track on the album,” the Oklahoman singer, songwriter and entertainer said of the tune shortly before the album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200. “As a songwriter, it’s really clever, wordy and has a lot of craftsmanship … and I really love those kinds of songs.”
A lively take on the sad-sack life of a solitary soul, Keith described the protagonist as “lonely and cold, eating his cold TV dinner. He’s a Cubs fan, and they lose all the time, too. So he’s the biggest loser in the world. As light as the song is, it’s a serious issue. A very different song for me.” He went on to add, “There won’t be another song on the radio that sounds like it.”
Be sure to contact your favorite country radio stations and have them start playing “Somewhere Else” today!  For more information on Toby Keith, visit his official website