Taylor Swift Launches Valentine’s Day Cards With American Greetings

You hear it in her voice and in her music when she sings about falling in love or falling out of love or having love suddenly ripped away from you, but Taylor Swift is also helping fans to say, “I Love You”, with her new line of Valentine’s Day greeting cards. 

There are 43 different cards to choose from ranging from romantic love to the love you feel for a friend. A certain number of oversized cards from American Greetings feature some of Taylor’s songs, including “Love Story”, “Jump Then Fall” “Stay Beautiful”.  The 21-year-old entertainer says the thought of love draws her in and doesn’t let go very easily.  

“It’s interesting how you think you’re the only person going through something, and then you realize that there are millions of other people who have felt that exact same way at that exact same time in their life and…it’s just so interesting to me that we all are so drawn to love and we cannot stay away from it. It’s a flame and we cannot stay away.

Click HERE to view the new card collection.