Meet The Dirt Drifters & Their New Single “Something Better”

You are going to be hearing A LOT about The Dirt Drifters… Before their hot new single “Something Better” hits country radio airwaves next week, it’s only fitting for you to get to know the men behind the authentic songs and stories already taking fans by storm via a very beat up RV!

Each member of The Dirt Drifters (Jeff, Jeremy, Matt, Nick and Ryan) brings a little something different to the table including musical influence, an intense focus on making music that is substantial to the listeners heart and mind, the dance floor and of course… blogosphere (more on that later!)

After several years together, road-tested, club-polished, they signed to Warner Bros. Records, which is turning them loose on a full-scale national audience with a soon-to-be-released CD called This Is My Blood. Produced by Justin Niebank, the phenomenal musical talent known for work with Vince Gill, Brad Paisley and Keith Urban, among others, it comes from that place where world-class songwriting weaves compelling stories from life’s good and bad—stories all the more riveting for their truth.

Their single, ‘Something Better’ is available on iTunes HERE and is currently streaming on as well as photos, an official bio and more.  BUT, let’s make it easy… here’s the cliff notes version.  Meet The Dirt Drifters: