Happy Valentine’s Day From Blake Shelton, Steel Magnolia, the JaneDear girls & More

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Check out some Valentine’s Day audio clips & read what your favorite stars have to stay about Love!
Blake Shelton

Steel Magnolia

the JaneDear girls

Blake (being in love w/ Miranda)
“Being able to look at Miranda, and know everything about her — know the good times, the bad times, every habit she has, and everything she does, and I don’t have a problem with one thing about her. I can find something in everything she does and says that is awesome. She’s something that I’m constantly in awe of the things that she does and she says and the way she looks. It just doesn’t get old to me. I don’t get tired of it. I know that’s a lame way to talk about love, but when you talk about being in love with somebody, I think as I’ve ggotten older, once you get past those early days when you cry when they go to the grocery store [laughs] and you don’t want to sleep so you can stare at them. Once you get past that and you still feel the way I’m talking about, to me, that’s when it gets good.”
James Otto (romantic gesture)
James Otto says he is very romantic when it comes to doing things for his wife, Amy. “I make breakfast for her,” he explains. “I’m a big omelet guy, a big egg guy. I love doing that stuff. I love to cook. She hardly ever has to cook. If there’s going to be cooking at the house, it’s me that does it, and I actually enjoy it. So, she gets breakfast in bed quite often, so she can’t really complain that much then.”
JaneDear Girls (Danelle)
“When I think about love, the one word that comes to my mind is unconditional. I could go down the list of examples of unconditional love that I have in my life, just a few of them being my family, my friends, The Lord. They love me — my good, my bad, beautiful things about me, the ugly things about me. They love me unconditionally and it’s forever. It’s not something that’s just going to stop tomorrow, if I screw up, because I probably will. The people in my life that I love, I try hard to also love them unconditionally.”
JaneDear Girls (Susie)
“When I think about the word love, I think about support. I think it’s the actions that make it true just by always telling you when you’re wrong. Even though you might not want to hear it, it’s out of love that they’re telling you certain things. I think it has no fear of saying wrong things or this or that, because it always has your best interests, so that’s what I would say love is.” 
Frankie Ballard

“I don’t care much for Valentine’s Day… can I just make a donation to Hallmark or something? Does that get me off the hook?”