Contest – Enter To Win The JaneDear Girls Debut CD & Hoodie Sweatshirt

 Congratulations Holly, Kristi & Nicole! 

Walmart Soundcheck Risers, brought to you by Dove Haircare, has been bringing Exclusive Interviews and Performances to you from your favorite Country Music Artists.  Just recently, The JaneDear Girls were in the Walmart Soundcheck Risers studio.  Susie Brown & Danella Leverette sat down in an exclusive interview with Walmart Soundcheck Risers and talked about how they met, music, fashion and much more. Check out their exclusive interview HERE and pick up their debut album at a Walmart near you or order online by clicking HERE
Thanks to our friends at Walmart Soundcheck & Dove Haircare, we are excited to have the opportunity to give away THREE JaneDear Girls Prize Packs consisting of the JaneDear girls Debut CD and the JaneDear girls Hoodie Sweatshirt!! To enter, We have a 2-part question for you to answer: 
#1) The JaneDear Girls hit song is called “Wildflower”, briefly describe how you are a “wildflower”.  

#2) In the Walmart Soundcheck Risers interview, Susie indicates how they named their hit song “Wildflower” so we want to know what kind of Dove Haircare Product you use in your hair and what is your favorite flower to put in your hair?

Leave a comment below (remember to leave your email address) or email us directly  Winners will be randomly chosen after contest closes on Friday, March 4th.

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32 replies on “Contest – Enter To Win The JaneDear Girls Debut CD & Hoodie Sweatshirt”

  1. In my heart I am a wild flower, in my heart cause not allowed in real life. My hubby is a tad controlling. So at night, while listening to JaneDear Girls on my headset- I am a wildflower growing in the fields under the sun! I love Dove Pro-age. Lucie (hidingout2 on twitter)

  2. I consider myself a wildflower because I'm a country girl that doesn't let what people think of me run my life. I am my own person. I've used the cool moisture Dove shampoo & conditioner and it works good for my hair. I would (and have) put Gerber Daisys in my hair tucked behind my ear. Great contest, I love the Jane Dear Girls there new song rocks!!


  3. 1. I'm a country girl born and raised in the country and wouldn't have it any other way.
    2.a daffodil in my hair

  4. I'm a "Wildflower" because I live in South Eastern Florida and Wildflowers are about as rare as Country Girls around here… I LOVE the Jane Dear girls and have been a fan FOREVER =) I was sooo excited to hear them on Sirius Satellite last year!

    My favorite Dove product is the Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner (couldn't live without it)… And my favorite flower to wear is the Everglades Orchid … Fits perfect behind the ear and looks even prettier with a little Mud splattered on it =)

  5. Oh well for the questions…I am a wildflowers because that is exactly what I do in the spring, summer, and fall. Wildflower hunting!
    My fav flower in my hair would be a rose of course.

  6. I am a 'Wildflower' because I am free spirited. I am who I am, and very proud to be that way.

    I normally use just the plain Dove shampoo, but don't always stick with just one brand.

    Typically I don't where flowers in my hair, but I do live in the middle of nowhere on farm so I will pick some wild clover on occasion and stick it in my hair. Lol! xD


  7. I'm entering for my wife because the first time I heard the song "Wildflower" on Sirius the only person I could think of was her… This was her song… She is always the one to be enjoying the Florida sunshine and is ALWAYS runnin Bare-foot!

    Even I use Dove for Men

  8. #1) Unlike the flowers that you get in florists that are shaped and pruned to look perfect, I always gravitate toward wildflower bouquets, because I feel like in a world of Barbie roses, I'm the country wildflower.

    #2) I use the Dove Damage Therapy Energize shampoo. The grapefruit scent is invigorating! I love putting forget-me-nots in my hair.

  9. I love the Jane Dear Girls. I'm like a wildflower because I'm always up for anything. I don't always like everything planned, I like to go with the flow. I like to put any kind of flower in my hair that will stay. I've used Dove cucumber shampoo and conditioner and really liked it.

  10. Stephanotis flowers is a great accessory for your hair. I like them because they are different which is why I consider myself a wildflower, its okay to be different. Dove haircare products are great. It leaves your hair feeling clean and smooth without buildup so when you put flowers in your hair, they stay and look gorgeous.

  11. I love putting gerber daisies in my hair, especially colored ones. I love all dove products, I use their deoderant, body spray, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, you name it I probably have it!!! Love this contest and a jane dear girls hoodie would be awesome to have. I really like their song wildflower and hope to hear more from them.

  12. I am a wildflower because I do everything to the beat of my own drum. I try to live everyday in order to bring happiness to everyone around me, just like wildflowers do.

    After I use Dove energizing conditioner I would have a combination of lavender and lilly in my hair.

    The Jane Dear Girls are great in concert, as well as very talented. I hope to hear more from them soon.

  13. I'm a wildflower because I'm the girl that can hang with the boys, if you dare me to do something I do it, but you can take me home to mama and the friend that everyone comes to for advice.
    My favorite dove product is the shiny boost shampoo and conditioner and I am known for rocking the calla lily in my hair!

    Twitter: Nicole8298

  14. I love anykinda flower in my hair! I'm a wildflower because I sometimes go with the flow and other times just do my own thing. Dove has some really great products. I'm currently using the Dove Damage Therapy and its been great!

  15. These girls are great, I voted for them for the ACM Group Award. Dove products are great too! I use so much of their stuff! Body Wash, Spray, Lotions, etc…. I'm not much of a flower in the hair kinda girl, but I would rock something simple like a dandelion. Yeah its a weed, I know. See, I am a wildflower!

  16. I'm a wildflower because I have a mind of my own. I'm not afraid to go do something by myself and most times I end up having a blast and meeting new friends. I think any flower in the hair is beautiful, but my favorite is the classic rose. All Dove Hair Care products are great! They smell great and leave your hair nice & clean.

  17. I am a wildflower as I am surprise in the spring just after the worlds been asleep. Beauty, Ephemerality, and Fragility. Dove Hair product I use is Dove Advanced Care Intense Damage Therapy so my hair looks healthy especially when I dance with my gardenia in my hair.

  18. I'm a wildflower because I am who I am. I don't try to be someone I'm not. I love the Dove intense therapy hair products, its been great especially during these winter months. Can' wait til spring I can start wearing flowers in my hair like daisies, especially colored gerber daisies.

  19. I love this song! And I love any type of flower in my hair. Dove classic shampoo and conditioner is my fav.

  20. 1. I'm not like a wildflower, I'm like nobody or anything else 😉
    2. I honestly don't use Dove products, and don't have any hair to put a flower in. But if I win, I'd put flour on my head! =)

  21. I am actually entering my daughter. She is the ULTIMATE JaneDear Girls Wildflower! She runs around the house singing the song for hours on end. She's 3 so she loves to wear Hibiscus or Daisys in her hair.

    I use Dove Damage Repair and I LOVE IT!


  22. These girls are alot of fun. I got to see them perform live and they are great. All of Dove's products are really good and use alot of their stuff. I love all kinds of flowers in my hair, roses, daises, hisbicus, etc…

  23. I love all of the dove products! Any flower looks good in your hair, and the Jane Dear Girls Rock. Please enter me to win.

  24. I am a wildflower as I am somewhat of a free spirit. I use Dove Damage Therapy shampoo and when I lived in Hawaii the plumeria was what I always wore in my hair

  25. I'm a wildflower because I do my own thing. I'm not afraid to wear cowgirl boots and a dress or heels and shorts. If I like it, I wear it. I love roses in my hair.

  26. I am like the wildflower the buttercup because I am small and I love the color yellow.

    I use Dove Intensive Repair conditioner, it works great for my hair.

    I would put a Plumeria.

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