CMR Album Review – Waylon Jennings: The Music Inside Volume I

The late Waylon Jennings is a country music icon with his music still well-known & appreciated today.  A compilation cd, Waylon Jennings: The Music Inside Volume I, will be available in stores on Tuesday, February 8th.  Many country artists, such as Jamey Johnson, Trace Adkins, Sunny Sweeny with Waylon’s widow Jessi Colter, Alabama, Randy Houser, James Otto and more including son Shooter Jennings, pay tribute to Waylon on this album singing his hit songs.

Kicking the album off is Jamey Johnson whose smooth vocals on “This Time” make for a great opening.  Including Alabama on this tribute album was an excellent choice as they are a time-honored band in & of themselves.  Their distinct classic voices fit nicely with  “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way” making this song serve as first new music in over ten years for the group.  Randy Houser is also part of this compilation and fits into the role nicely singing “I’m A Ramblin Man” accentuating on his strong southern blues style.  Jenning’s son Shooter, does a fabulous job with the classic tune “Belle of the Ball” as you can hear the raw emotion in his voice throughout this song.  Sunny Sweeny with Jessi Colter take on hit song “A Good Hearted Woman” and it sounds amazing.  Sunny’s voice is new, fresh and full of country twang and having Jessi Colter join in adds perfection to the time-honored hit song .  James Otto shines as an “outlaw” himself as he dedicates his soulful vocals on “Don’t You Think This Outlaw Bit’s Done Got Out Of Hand” while Trace Adkins displays his well-known deep compelling voice on “You Ask Me To”.  Waylon himself is also part of this album with the appropriate titled track “Go Down Rockin'” and also alongside John Hiatt on “Just To Satisfy You”

The album is full of fantastic vocals by amazing artists who have taken on songs from a Country & Western Legend. This album stands true to the classic memory that these songs represent and serves as an enjoyable reminder of Waylon to many and a great introduction to the “outlaw” for others. 

Waylon Jennings: The Music Inside Volume I will be available on Tuesday, February 8th.  You can purchase the album by clicking HERE.