Carrie Underwood Banned From Popular Radio Station In Ottawa, Canada

The news today of Carrie Underwood‘s husband, Mike Fisher, being traded to the NHL Nashville Predators has taken a new unexpected turn where Carrie Underwood is concerned, even going as far as naming her Hockey’s Yoko Ono!  Ottawa’s popular radio station The New 105.3 KISS FM has banned her music from their radio station.  The article states program director Gayle Zarbatany said the ban is in effect forever.
“We know Mike Fisher is not to blame for this trade but feel he was lured away from Ottawa by a country-music superstar. Sure, she’s pretty. Yes, she can sing. But can she play hockey? Can she put one on the top shelf with a slap shot? No!” said the station.
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Carrie did make a statement to the Ottawa Sun today via email; “We will both truly miss Ottawa,” Underwood said in an e-mail to the Ottawa Sun.  “Mike has been such a big part of the community, and I will never forget how they welcomed me with open arms. We obviously love Nashville, and the teams’ decision for him to now play with the Predators is an exciting opportunity for Mike. I support him wherever he plays!”
Mike Fisher made a statement in regards to Carrie Underwood and the speculation surrounding Underwood & the news of the trade, “She was actually really sad when she heard the news,” said Fisher. “If she had to choose she would have wanted me to stay in Ottawa. She knew I had played my whole career here.”

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  1. Well, Canada is going to miss having some wonderful music from Carrie. I think it is absurd to ban her music. Didn't they just recently complete their dream home in Canada. I think they had planned to make Canada their home to to treat Carrie as the problem is rather short on brains.

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