Brad Paisley’s Son, Huck, Has A Big Crush On Carrie Underwood

Brad Paisley’s son Huck may only be 4 year old, but he is already becoming quite the charmer and has a big crush on Carrie Underwood.

“Huck has the biggest crush in the world on Carrie Underwood,” Brad Paisley tells PEOPLE. “He is obsessed with her and he’s only four.”  Paisley went on to describe Huck’s first “date” with Underwood.  “Carrie came over to the farm [last week] and she hadn’t met him yet. He went out and got her roses – we took him to Whole Foods and he picked them out himself – and he wrote her a Valentine and dictated it to his mom. “He said, ‘I hope you have an incredible day and night. Love Huck.’ That’s what he wanted to say to her.”
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