Ashton Shepherd’s New Single “Look It Up” Is Looking Up On Country Radio

MCA recording artist Ashton Shepherd is thrilled that her new single, “Look It Up,” has been most added at country radio for six consecutive weeks.  “I’m really having to pinch myself a lot these days,” says Ashton. “After taking such a long break, I’m so proud not only to be back but to be back strong! Thank you so much country radio. Woooo hoooo!”
Equally as popular is the humorous music video that accompanies “Look It Up,” which currently holds the No. 33 position on the Billboard and Mediabase/Country Aircheck charts. Since Ashton received an immediate and tremendous response to the Michael Salomon-directed music video, she is sharing some exclusive “Behind the Scenes” footage with her fans. Click HERE view the clip.
The music video, which was shot in Los Angeles, features Ashton as a wronged lover who is cutting all ties to her cheating partner by selling all of his belongings in a yard sale, including his truck, boat, motorcycle, favorite chair, golf clubs and dog. He arrives to discover that strangers are carrying away his most beloved objects, but he can’t do anything to stop it.

“I really loved the idea of her being at a yard sale selling all of his junk. Growing up, my husband and his family went to yard sales together on Saturdays,” says Ashton, a native of Coffeeville, Alabama. “People around here always have little sales in their yard, cleaning their houses out. The idea just hit home with me.”

Ashton was excited — and nervous — at the chance to really test her acting chops for the first time in a video. “From the moment I got out of the car, I said, ‘Just tell me what to do today. If something’s not right, just tell me what to do,’” she says. “I was really happy with the way it turned out. I looked a little mad, but in a way that’s a smiling, smart-aleck fun. That is what I was hoping would come across because it’s a smart-aleck kind of song. It’s sassy and classy and very funny.”

As the music video captures, Ashton truly has unique ways of expressing herself. After living in rural Alabama her entire life, she has created numerous words that some people, especially big-city folks, may not be familiar with. During her last trip to Nashville, she filmed the meanings of several of her “Ashton-isms” and she plans to share these words and meanings with her fans on a consistent basis.