Reba’s New Single “If I Were A Boy” Impacts Country Radio Monday, January 24th

After climbing to the top of the country charts with “Turn on the Radio,” Reba is now hitting the airwaves with her latest single, “If I Were A Boy.” The song, which was originally recorded by Beyoncé, was one of the songs she performed for CMT‟s music series Unplugged. 

The tune, which was suggested by her manager-husband Narvel Blackstock and record label president Scott Borchetta, fit her so perfectly, she decided to record it for her new album, All The Women I Am.  

“The concept of that show was you do five songs of yours, and then do a song, a cover, out of a different format. And so I was thinking, What? A Lady Gaga song or something? And Narvel and Scott both said, Noooo. If I Were A Boy.  So, I recorded it and we taped it, and then as soon as it was finished, everybody was like, Omigosh! You’ve got to record that song.‟  

Reba’s “If I Were A Boy” impacts Country Radio on January 24th.