Justin Moore Working On Sophomore Album Due Out Later This Year

Justin Moore has been working on his sophomore album, and he is looking forward to getting it into the hands of his fans later this year. The Arkansas native says it’s going to be a little more country than his self-titled debut. “When I say that, people are like, “Huh?” But I think it’s got a little more of an old-school feel,” Justin explains. “The first one was pretty country but also had a pretty good southern rock feel to it, which obviously I’m a big fan of, and it’s still got some of that, but a little less of it.” 

He also states that he has become a better songwriter in the past few years. “There’s two or three songs on there that I just think are the best songs I’ve ever written in my life.”

Moore was in the studio last week, and he tweeted he was “recording his new single and an old favorite “Redneck Side‟ for [the] new album.” 

Justin is one of the hardest working guys in the business, either in the studio or on the road. He learned his tremendous work ethic, not only from his parents, but from playing sports and the odd jobs he had to try to make ends meet while pursuing a career in music.

“Playing sports as much as I did, really helped me a lot with work ethic and how to work well with others, you know, a team and that kind of stuff,” explains Justin. “And then fast-forward moving to Nashville, it’s such a team effort to get to this point in your career…The sports helped me a lot, and then working the crappy jobs up here to pay your bills, it’s tough. You’ve got to swallow your pride and do whatever it takes to get to the point you want to get at. I’ve done everything from sell meat out of the back of my pickup to carrying furniture to this place and that place.” 

Justin is among the country stars who have signed up to take part in The Boot Campaign, which raises awareness of the work of the U.S. Armed Forces. As part of the campaign, celebrities are encouraging Americans to purchase a pair of army combat boots to wear in support of the troops, with proceeds from boot sales donated to partner charities that provide support and outreach to troops and their families.

For more on Justin Moore, visit his official website www.moorejustinmusic.com and to enter to win a chance to fly to see Justin in concert.