Taylor Swift Talks About Turning Twenty-One

Taylor Swift has experienced many career milestones in her life – her first number-one song, her first platinum album, her first national television appearance, her first feature film, etc. and now she is about to experience another personal milestone – turning 21! She’ll celebrate the momentous occasion on December 13th with what she says will be a “winter-themed” birthday party. 
Taylor admits she has never been a drinker, but she revealed in a recent issue of Ladies Home Journal that she may have a glass of wine, “but nothing too hardcore.” She says that turning 21 isn’t really that big of a deal for her. “I’ve never really had this 21 countdown. I don’t know. I’m not much of a like,Yeah! Lets go out and get wasted. I’m 21!” She does, however, see the perks in becoming totally legal. “Now maybe I’ll be able to go to concerts at clubs that I cannot get into at this point in my life, that my friends go to.”  
Speaking of winter-themes, Taylor’s new single references one of the winter months – December. She’s currently climbing the country charts with her latest release, “Back to December,” from her new album, Speak Now.

Listen to Taylor talk about her 21st Birthday here: