Joe Nichols “Greatest Hits” Hits The Shelves January 25, 2011

When Merle Haggard tells a reporter that he sees Joe Nichols as an artist who will carry his own musical legacy forward, you pay attention. In his young career, Nichols has received four Grammy nominations, won every conceivable “best new artist” award, and had the New York Times name his CD Real Things one of the best recordings of the year in all musical genres. On January 25th, The Greatest Hits package will remind music fans why Haggard has such high praise for the Rogers, Arkansas native.
His body of work maintains an impressive quality and standard, and while paying tribute to those influences that came before him, like Haggard, the music has always had a fresh and modern feel.  Hits will include Nichols’ current Top 20 and climbing single “The Shape I’m In,” as well as his recent three-week #1 “Gimmie That Girl.”  For a complete track listing, see below.
Nichols will close a busy and successful 2010 with the second most played song of the year – “Gimmie That Girl.” He wraps his tour schedule up, and after a short break, begins again in January.  For more details on the artist, please visit
Track Listing
Gimmie That Girl
The Shape I’m In
Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off
Size Matters
The Impossible
What’s A Guy Gotta Do
It Ain’t No Crime
Cool To Be A Fool
I’ll Wait For You